There are so many choices available today for marketing your small business. SEO, Google Ads, Facebook, Lead Generation strategies and so much more. Where do you start and how do you determine which type of marketing is best for your business?


Search engine optimization is often a source of great frustration for business owners who tell me that they have hired many SEO’s but have never reached top positions for their main keywords. I will help you determine what is holding your site back and what you need to finally win those coveted top keyword rankings.


Paid search marketing can be difficult to get “dialed in”. But once you do it can be one of the best sources of leads and business that your business has. If you can scale it your business can thrive. With many moving parts coaching in this area is key.


Facebook is a great source of leads for certain types of businesses and not for others. I will help you determine if it is right for your business, if so I will help set up a campaign that works for your needs.


LinkedIn is the best source for B2B leads but the prevalence of spam on LinkedIn has made it difficult to get prospects to listen. I will show you how get your target market to reach out to you, to learn more about your services and what you can do for them.

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